How I Became a Cuckold

From marriage to becoming a cuckold

Trust me. There aren’t that many guys alive that dream of becoming a cuck. Hell, it certainly wasn’t on my agenda when I got married to my wife. I figured that as soon as she said “I do”, she was committing herself to shagging me, and only me. She probably thought the same for the first 3-years of her marriage…then she got a new job. Oh, how everything changed then.

I am going to call him James, and damn did that guy used to annoy me. About 3-months into her new job, my wife started to slide James into just about every conversation that we had. She would tell me how James did this at work, and how James did that at work. Not going to lie. It pissed me off. Sure, she was coming home to me. Sure, she was making love to me. But James? Oh, the way she spoke, I just knew that she wanted to be with him. It made my blood boil.

A year on, and the James conversation wasn’t letting up. Hell, my wife started to talk more and more about him. She used to go out with him. She partied with him. I know she never cheated. She wouldn’t do that, but I knew deep down she wanted to. Then, one day, after a few too many wines, she came right out and said “I want to fuck James”. You would think I would have screamed. You would have thought I would have shouted at her. I didn’t. Oh no. Her saying those words “I want to fuck somebody else” awakened something in me. It turned me on. I was instantly hard. I simply said “alright. do it”. She asked me if I was serious, and I said I absolutely was on one condition. I wanted to watch.

3-days later, James was at my house. He and my wife wasted no time at all. He had barely stepped through the door and they were tearing each other’s clothes off. I thought I was going to need to race off to the bedroom to catch a glimpse of something that I had become rather excited about. Nope. In all of about 5-minutes, James’ tongue was gently exploring between my wife’s legs. The moans coming from her mouth made me instantly hard. I was watching my wife fuck somebody else. I loved it.

As I sat there in the corner of the room, I couldn’t help but stroke myself. My wife riding a cock on the sofa. Every so often, she would shoot me a glance telling me that she was loving it. She loved having James buried deep inside of her. She loved the feeling of his throbbing cock filling her up. I tell you what…I probably loved it way more than she did. Even when he drove her to her second orgasm, I am positive that I was getting so much more enjoyment out of it.

An hour later, James had gone home. My wife was still naked on the sofa. She asked me whether I enjoyed it. I told her I wanted to do it again. I wanted to watch her do it with several other guys. I wanted to watch it multiple times per week. She pulled me close. Kissed me, and said, “I am sure that can be arranged”. Then we made love. I knew that she would be entertaining dozens of guys in front of me, but I also knew that at the end of the day, she would be coming home and she would be my wife. Loving me.

That is how I became a cuckold.  

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