A Cuckold Journey story

Part one – Shocked into a cuckold fetish

Watching porn became a big part of my life as I grew up and I could never understand why porn stars despite being so popular had a rough time in the vanilla world. Never really sure what my Cuckold fetish was until I hit my early 30`s, I realised that it wasnt so much the scenario on show, it was the fact I wanted that porn star to come home to me to be in a loving relationship without judgment. So a cuckold journey story began.

Since I learnt about cuckolding and what it ment. Upon reading it I realised that was my fantasy. I wanted a wife that just loved sex no matter what but still wanted to come home to me.

For years I sought after such a woman in my life, just someone that would need more than I could offer. The frustration in my soul became immensely sad. It left me with one failed relationship after the next.

Then one day, I met this girl, funny, kind, cute, high energy and a high sex drive. Finally someone that matched mine. She was adamant from the outset she wanted a pure relationship, and given everything she offered I fell for her hook line and sinker.

For months we laughed giggled and built up a relationship that would stand us in good grounds for the rest of our lives.

As the months flew by and sex was intense, it became very similar and although the orgasms was intense, I wanted to explore more about her past. I began asking where her sex drive and skills came from. She informed me she had a substandard sex life and felt more open with me. Now that was really honouring, but I found myself thinking am I really that good in bed? Am I that big compared to other men? What is it that I am offering her past life hadnt.

I decided to probe a little more, I was shocked, she had only had 7 other cocks in her life. Asking was anything special about any of them, anything at all. Not really her response. I never really been in love before she said. Feeling she really hadnt experienced anything special or spicy I asked does she have any fantasies. No, she replied I have everything I need in you. Not really buying into it, just feeling she just wants a pure relationship I had to ask again, I couldnt help it, and I knew it was annoying her a little.

“Come I said, you must have had orgasms with past people” Looking up she replied ” Yes obviously, but there just wasnt the love there”. With a huff, “Right come on, stop being so nice all the time, I know we have the love that goes without saying, but I want to get to know everything about you. Whos had the biggest cock?” after a shocked delay to the question. “Why do you want to know, my life is with you now, its serves no purpose to us”

“I feel its all too easy, I make you laugh, cuddle, orgasm, no arguing, there must be something I need to up my game on” I think she sensed my frustration.

“Ok, ok, pffffttt ok…. I like outdoor sex and you never suggest it” … Well if the floor could have swallowed me up id have been more than willing to be eaten. My ego got a right battering. I thought I was just playing a game to go through the motions of a self ego question time every five minutes to her.

I dared question. ” So is it just something you want to do or you have done before”. With a firm confused voice ” Well I am not a story writer am I, of course I have done it before I enjoy it” well to say I gulped a few times would be an understatement.

“Ermmm what sort of thing have you done? who with? how often” I stumbled out of my mouth.

“Everyone but you. What do you want? A written diary of my past?” The sarcasm oozed out.

“Look, im just dead shocked, I wish you would have said, you know I am a people pleaser and I would love to do what ever it takes to make you happy. Do you have a favourite place or shall I seek somewhere new?”

Looking at me with an awakening smile and a giggle and a shrug all at once. I took over the chat again” Go on lets have a laugh, show me where you have been and lets leave our mark on it”

“Are you sure its your thing ” She asked in hope, but expecting disappoint. “Look, you own my heart, I just love making you happy, and I get turned on knowing you`re turned on”

Without giving any thought where this may head I got ready and got the car out and away we went. I honestly just thought, this was my moment to be the top of the tree, the Alpha ape, the king of the world. I will leave her only recalling outdoor sex with me, not one of her loser ex`s.

Arriving in the hills over looking the city. It was a quiet country pathway, nothing around, not even a sheep. It was quite beautiful. I got out of the car ready to wipe any memories of he sexual past.

She was in her usual casual leggings, showing off her slender legs. I pulled her out of the car in my usual self righteous manner. Grabbed her arse and kissed her in my usual soft slow way. I took her to the front of my Porsche and leaned her back across the bonnet and leaned over grinding my cock to wake it up and get in the mood for my first ever outdoor session.

Moving my hands slowly down in her tight gym leggings, moving into her pussy, I had to compose and act unphased as I felt her wetter than I had felt her before. What the fuck was going on in her mind? Im the master in the bedroom right? I am, I tried to self convince.

What is she thinking off, I had the reacurring self doubt, concentrate, take control feelings run around and around. I have to confess it got to me, I couldnt get hard. I couldnt.

Having to admit self defeat I began to slow down and pull away, thinking, she is super chilled and in love so she will understand. How wrong could I be. She grabbed my hand back and said “Finish me, get them fingers in me and fuck me with them” Not able to think I just did as I was told. You`d have thought I would have questioned her or got into conversation about it. No, not this time. I just picked up to a pace with my fingers I hadnt before. Groans, exploded from her throat, she was loving it. Groans, I hadnt heard, hips grinding back on my hand.

Just wanting to look at my hand that was buried inside her tight clothes, it was soaking. Where was her mind? What has she done outdoors before, what am I not giving her, how do I put this right? Questions came and came, but not as much as her pussy came and came. She grabbed my wrist. I didnt understand what this meant from her. What do I do? Whats is she after? She just pushed my hand harder and harder against her. I got it, she needs harder.. I gave it my all. My hand was in such an awkard position I couldnt do much more, I couldnt keep what I had going, going much longer. Having to stop and go to kiss her, she moved her head away leaving me only with her cheek.

I slowly moved my hand out of her pants. Wanting to look at the juices. But my concern of rejection became overwhelming. Oh fuck I best ask. “Are you ok” Keeping her eyes closed she nodded slowly. How the fuck do I take that. What the fuck do I say now! I just started stroking her thighs over her clothes. She lay still for a very short while, before pushing my arm off and getting up. With a big sigh, “you going to get hard then or not?” hard, I thought, fooking hard, I have just been hit with a whirlwind of something so not expected, I have never felt so disconnected to anyone in my life so quick. Who the fuck was that I just had on the bonnet I thought.

Muttering up a reply, “No, that was your treat, I just enjoyed feeling how wet you got” Looking to her feet, she got back in the car. I knew, just knew, she was dissatisfied. But how? she always seemed to enjoy our bedroom fun. What is it. But hell, no, not a chance was I going to ask. I didnt want the answer.

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