A Guide to Cuckolding

Cuckold Training for Couples

The thought of sharing your hot wife with another man can go against everything society has led you to believe. But, what if, it opens your relationship to a whole new level of excitement? Are people really ment to act like a penguin and only ever have sex with one person? Of course we are not penguins. So lets not act like penguins. That doesn’t mean you just go straight to a swingers club and sleep with everyone you see. A cuckold life is much more deep and fun than that. So lets delve with all the training about cuckolding.

Where to start with cuckolding

So, you`ve heard the saying but really not sure what it means or you have seen some porn and somehow its managed to turn you on.

Lets delve right in there and find some information that you can pick up and move on to your next level of this exciting fetish.

Cuckold Questions

Is cuckolding cheating?

In short no. Being a hot wife is not cheating. The definition of being a cuckold in modern terms means your partner gets mental satisfaction by the act. Think of it as this, some people have a fetish of people being a mind geek or being whipped by a master or female dominatrix. The list is endless and your mindset is just that…. YOURS. So don’t let outside influencers restrict you in wanting your fantasies to come true. As with anything sexual, No means No and if either yourself or your hot wife isn’t comfortable with a situation then you simply stop and put it down as a learning curve. Remember though, as with anything, once you have done something you can no longer take it back or forget it. Be sure in your limits and enjoy a ride of pushing boundaries rather than going all in on your first attempt. Remember, no one can read anyone’s mind no matter how well you think you know someone, so talking and talking is key to a successful true cuckold relationship. The majority of couples that explore bringing others into their sex life can indeed make you a more secure couple.

Where to try being a cuckold?

Where do cuckolds even play? There are various places you can be a cuckold. From your own home, a hotel room, a swingers party, a fetish weekend, or even a swingers hotel. They are all around the world showing you that being a cuck isnt unique to you, but indeed a very popular fetish. So why would you choose one swingers location over another?

Lets think about the different outcomes of each answer. Inviting a bull around to your house to play with your hot wife. Normally you wont have a long standing relationship with your chosen bull. So, it would be wise to arrange to meet in a mutual place so that if things didn’t go according to plan the bull could be cut out of your life very easily. On the other hand once you have met a bull and done various hot wife scenes with him, you may find it a turn on knowing your wife has had sex with a stranger in your bed. You may have been forced to sleep on the floor and listen to them all night, you may have had to stay down stairs whilst they play, or you may lie in bed next to them and be a sexual spare part.

Swinging in a hotel is a great place to start a journey for so many reasons. Its a neutral place, but with people around you for safety. You could try so many role playing outcomes here such as, have your go to the bar on her own and sit at the bar. See if she can entice someone to buy her a drink and chat her up for a while. You could come down and sit and watch. See how you feel as your wife allows another man to be close to her Infront of you. You could then leave separately so the unknown bull wasn’t aware of your game. Your wife could kiss a stranger on the cheek as a thanks. Then you could meet back at your room and see how you both feel.

What are the boundaries you should stick too?

With any fetish the simple rule is, its your life its your relationship and therefore you stick to your own fetish boundaries. The sexual boundaries you have today do not have to be set in stone. You can have some very tight boundaries to start off with such as, let your partner watch their celebrity crush whilst you give them oral. Any fetish should be taken at a pace that suits you, no one else, just you. Not the bull, they are their for how you want them.

When is the right time to try being a cuckquean?

You can start being a cuckquean straight away. Its really easy to test the reactions to how you both feel without the need of a bull involved. You can feel the mental and visual importance of how it will impact your desire for a fetish in your life. Things you can try at home or out and about include.

  • Showing your partner how you used to give oral with previous relationships.
  • Calling out a fantasy name during sex, such as a film, rockstar or sportsperson.
  • Telling your partner how an ex partner did things different to them and ask them to follow what you say so you can re-live it.
  • Ask your partner to dress a different way that is out of their comfort zone but one you like.
  • Introduce sex toys, such as penis extenders or coloured condoms.
  • Talk about how you would like to feel a bigger cock or a bigger pair of breasts.

What you are doing here is testing the strength of your relationship and ensuring their are no jealousy issues. Should a partner react badly to something like this saying “I would love to feel stretched by a bigger cock than you” Then you know its not the right side of cuckolding for you to explore.

Cuckolding is not black and white fetish. There are many different ways to explore and enjoy bringing a third party into your life, and sex doesn’t need to be one of them. Read the list below of different ways to enjoy a cuckold life. ********** insert link

Will cuckolding end in divorce?

Of course cuckolding could end in divorce. As could any fetish or hobby that you or your partner has if it causes conflict. Cuckolding can bring you so much closer together because the fight in the cuckold wants to ensure he takes his wife back and therefore usually after a cuck experience the sex is better afterwards as there should be a connection of love that no bull can offer.

What if my wife wants to have sex with one of my friends?

Having sex with friends can always lead into difficulties if one person begins to have feelings. Stranger sex you don’t get that opportunity as there can be no form of contact afterwards between you. Yes its colder sex but can give you a mentally free break. More importantly you have to be honest with yourself. Cuckolding has different levels of acceptance in a relationship and one persons nightmare is one persons ultimate fantasy. So maybe, watching your friend pleasure your partner is the mental stimulation that you need, therefore if you set the boundaries right and can trust your friend, have a strong relationship and you both are comfortable with role playing then sure why not, give it a go.

Can we stop at anytime when swinging?

In short. YES YES YES. Nothing is more important that your loving relationship. As soon as one of you becomes against the idea of swinging then its either time to stop or have break from it. Like any fetish, usually one party is more fixated than the other, so for one of you, it maybe a once every few months experience and for the other a 24/7 fetish that will never bore you. So try to find a happy medium that suits everybody.

What is my role as a cuckold?

Bizarrely a cuckold is the one in-control at all times. Try to think of it as this, the cuckold is the film director and the hot wife is a film star. Your role is to try and pass on as much information in as much detail as you can so that your hot wife understands her limits also. Its all very well saying I would love to see you have sex with a black male. Then afterwards regretting because you forgot to say, you would hate to see your cheating wife kiss someone. So be clear with your vision for the best outcomes.

What is my hot wives role?

Its all about being a film star. The cuckold will have several visions of fantasy role plays that they want to full fill and see played out. The hot wife is there to act upon these fantasies and perform as if they where her own. Lets say a fantasy has been mentioned like, “I would love to see you suck a monster cock” The film star should find out what it is that is wanted from the show that will happen, such as finding out more information. A way to do this is to come across as keen, because no person wants to feel they are solitary in excitement, so you could say “Fuck yes, that would be something id do for sure, in fact I’ve always wondered what it would feel like. Can I have one more practise on you, but this time ill put a black condom on you so you can get to picture how it will look. You can tell me how you’d like to see it as I’m doing it to you so I can tease you more” This way you get to hear what the full fantasy is and not just an open blanket of anything. Then during the performance of sucking the black condom you can groan more as each instruction is given. Then when you come to actually suck the black cock, you can ensure you add in as much as what has been discussed with sound effects as possible. This gives your cuckold the experience they wanted for sure, and hopefully deep down you enjoyed the putting on a performance regardless of how much you enjoyed it.

Who do we tell about our cuckold fantasies?

You can tell who ever you like. Just remember its not illegal and most people fantasy about many things they wouldn’t dare to tell their partner let alone a friend. So try to be aware that we do live in a judgemental world and it may be best to create a new friendship group that is relevant to your separate life style. You can do this by joining swinging and fetish sites.

Who is in control with a cuckold scenario?

Well both of you are really. Communication is key. The cuckold will have all the ideas and scenarios bursting to come out but the hot wife has to be honest to her limits. It isn’t so much of who is in control with a fetish relationship its about the relationship being in control of what makes you both happy and comfortable.

How to know if you would be a good cuckold and a good hot wife?

Until you try you will never know. Just don’t go in all guns blazing. Try a step by step approach such as have sex on your own but with a mirror. Use the mirror as the 3rd person and pretend you’re watching each other and your wife looks in the mirror as if she is looking at you but riding someone else. You can use this same technique for anything really like a blow job or massage.

Ask her to talk to you like she was fucking someone else. Ask her to get dressed whilst you are not at home and send you pictures like she was sending them to someone she wants to have an affair with. It is all trial and error to see how you both feel.

Is cuckolding just sex?

Absolutely not. Cuckolding is all in the mind. They need their mind satisfied and that isn’t about his wife cheating on him. Its about the feeling that his wife needs something more than he can give or she has craved something so much she has to do it and then he either feels useless and loves the feeling of complete power loss or he fights for her with hard masterful sex after to prove he can win you back over what ever experience you have just had.

Read some real life and fantasy cuckold erotica

We have cuckold erotica stories being written all the time. Short cuckolding stories to full cuckolding real life shared experiences.

What is the correct spelling of Cuckold?

Cuckold spelling black board

People spell this fetish in may ways such as.

  • Cuckhold
  • Cookhold
  • Cuchold
  • Cucold
  • cookold
  • cookoldry
  • cuckoldry
  • Cuckholdry